5 athletes represented SWA at FIBO 2022 in Germany

FIBO is the fitness show not to be missed. It is one of the biggest in the world. From April 7 to 10, 2022, it welcomed 50,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors.

Like every year, a Street Workout competition takes place there. This competition is reputed to be one of the most impressive. The best European athletes are invited to perform in front of hundreds of spectators.

This year, this competition was organized by Flythenics, a German organization. To our surprise, she announced that there would be 2 competitions on the same day. An advanced level competition, called PRO, and a more professional level called ELITE, in the form of a 1vs1 battle as we are used to seeing.

During this memorable day ( see the documentary ), SWA was represented by 5 athletes. 3 in the PRO competition, and 2 in the ELITE competition. It was a real honor for us.

From left to right: Youssef Moro, Victor Fagot, Julien Pierson, Hugo Simon
Weedlay Loubli is missing in this photo

On the PRO competition side, Victor failed to qualify despite some great performances. For Hugo and Julien, the story ended better because they faced each other in the final. The show was on point. Unfortunately for Hugo, it was Julien who took the victory after the judges' decision.

On the side of the ELITE competition, Weedlay and Youssef managed to qualify for the battles, but did not go further than the 8th finals.

This weekend of competition, it was victories and defeats, but it was above all a real experience, a real moment of life. If you want to experience it in pictures with us, we have released a documentary on YouTube available right here: SWA documentary at FIBO 2022