We organized our own Street Workout competition: the SWA CUP

"It's been on my mind for several years. There's never a good time to start something. Despite a short time to organize and little experience, I still created the first edition of the SWA CUP” Matt, founder of SWA

On August 12, 2022, we announce the date of our first competition. It will take place on Saturday October 1st in Vitré. There are less than 2 months left to organize everything and we have no partner, no idea of ​​the process, no equipment. One thing we had, the agreement of the town hall of Vitré to organize the SWA CUP on the station square, in the city center. Vitré is a town of 17,000 inhabitants located at the gates of Brittany.

Time was running out, but everything was going for the best. We had convinced a few companies to be partners of the event, when bad news arrived. The weather looks bad for the day of the competition...

We had to change the location of the SWA CUP to be sheltered from the rain. (which never fell)

To quickly introduce the SWA CUP, it's a freestyle Street Workout (or Calisthenics) championship. The format may change in the future, but for the moment only 8 athletes selected upstream, compete in battle during a tournament.
Athletes are scored by 3 judges, according to 3 criteria. Criteria which are strength, agility and combinations (combo).
For this first edition of the SWA CUP, 10 athletes from 5 countries and DOM TOM were present.

Battle Freestyle 8 athletes:
  • 🥇 Youssef Moro, Morocco (@youssef_moro)
  • 🥈 Hitivai Monkfish, Tahiti (@hitivai_sw)
  • 🥉 Ismail Moro, Morocco (@ismail.moroo)
  • Kourmel, France (@kourmel_yonko)
  • Yair Drory, Israel (@yairdrory)
  • Raphaël Tacite, Reunion (@yerresha_otz)
  • Adrien Delplace, France (@adri1_sw)
  • Billy Canova, France (@mando_sw_)
Battle Force 2 athletes:
  • 🥇 Ewen Guiziou, France (@elxna_swa)
  • 🥈 Paul Pichot, France (@pichoux_)

It was important to us to organize a battle specializing in figures of force. That's why we called on Ewen and Paul who faced each other in battle, only with figures of static strength and dynamic strength. The format of the battle was as follows:
- 2 rounds of 45 seconds each
- 2 minute break
- 2 rounds of 45 seconds each

For a first edition and despite a short set-up period, the SWA CUP 1 went as planned. In 3 hours of competition, about 400 people entered the room to watch one or more battles.

A dozen partners trusted us and greatly helped us to create this event. A big thank you to them, to all the staff, to the athletes and to the public for having responded.

We are currently preparing the SWA CUP 2 which will hopefully be better than our first edition.

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