The Calisthenics Box

A collaboration between SWA and SANOKEA .

In the box

In this box you will find different articles dedicated to the practice of street workout, they are presented to you below.

Limited edition

Indeed, the Calisthenics Box is produced in limited edition, there are only a limited number of copies. Each box will be decorated with a card signed by the creators of Street Workout Athletes and Sanokea . These cards are intended to thank you for your support and your commitment to the development of street workout. In order to give each box its exclusive character, we decided to number them!


Sense of detail

Each product in this box is the result of the collaboration with the Swiss brand Sanokea. The SWA and Sanokea logos will therefore be present on each item in the box: socks printed in SWA premises, wrist wraps, chalk designed by Sanokea professionals. All sporting the colors of SWA and Sanokea.

Sanokea certified quality

The choice of the Swiss brand Sanokea is not accidental. Their products are distinguished by their exceptional quality, because Sanokea specializes in the design of chalkboards responding to various issues. Sanokea chalks do not stain, offer excellent adhesion, give off a pleasant odor and last long-lasting on the hands. SWA always uses the best quality in order to satisfy its community.

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